What To Expect


So, what can you expect when you book a Portrait Session with Wenzel Photography?

First of all we’ll decide on a Time and Location.  I love when clients have a location in mind when they book their session, but if you don’t that’s okay.  I have multiple location ideas that I can throw at you and we can figure out a place that fits your specific style and the look you’re going for.  Before your session date you will get an email from me containing a link to a Portrait Session Agreement Form so that I can get a little more info from you.   If the weather forecast looks questionable I will contact you so that we can decide if we need to reschedule.

During your Session I will do a little directing and pose you for some shots, but mostly I will just go with the flow and catch all of the inbetween unposed moments.  Ninety-nine times out of a hundred the unposed photos are the ones my clients fall in love with, so get down on the ground and tickle your kids until they can’t breathe, whisper sweet nothings into your fiance’ or spouses ear, and above all else just have fun!  Oh, and don’t mind my crazy shooting style.  I’m a lay-on-the-ground-one-minute-and-climb-a-tree-the-next type of photographer, and the day after a photo session I have the bruised knees and elbows to prove it.  Hey, whatever it takes to get the shot, right?  I do, however, draw the line at standing in a patch of poison ivy…

After the Session I will get to work editing your photos and within a few weeks (and if I’ve gotten the ok from you) I will post a sneak peek of your photos on our blog and Facebook page.  When all of your photos are ready they will be posted in your very own online viewing and print ordering gallery that you are welcome to share with family and friends.   Your gallery will be live for 60 days and you can order prints directly from your gallery.  If you have chosen to purchase a CD of all of your photos I will mail your CD to you after your online photo gallery has been launched.  From that point on you are free to grin at, tear up over, and gloat proudly over your photos!